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The artistic practice of Gabriel Pessoto proposes the meeting between repertoires and diverse materials, of distinct temporalities, through operations that often permeate the seam (the hand) and the edition (digital).

The diptych of videos Homenagem and Segunda Pele (2018), present in this exhibition, addresses conceptions of intimacy and domestic sphere usually treated as dissonant. In Homenagem, the safe environment (of affective memory) represented by a traditional embroidery recipe with a floral theme is subtly challenged by a dashed perimeter that, instead of highlighting one of the most clearly recognizable elements of the composition (the three flowers), prefers to delimit a space-between, which becomes practically abstract when isolated from the composition.

It is up to Segunda Pele to rework the selected section. The previously familiar pattern gains movement, elucidating the character of the media (the video), and establishing a correspondence between the cross-stitch, the video and the pixel as a unit of composition.

The making of the digital plot according to the same embroidery plot brings with it notions of method and repetition, in addition to serving as a support for the videos from the artist's database. This digital embroidery adds another dimension of intimacy, anonymous and possibly homemade, captured on the internet.

The diptych triggers an image within the image and forces us to dive into the notion - idealized or not - of intimacy, by sewing the romantic ideal of love (and especially, of family) with its inherent reverse, erotic.


Diego Mauro, 2022


Segunda Pele + Homenagem, 2018. Electronic Diptych. View from Ópera Citoplasmática, 2022. MON - Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Brazil.

Vista da exposição Ópera Citoplasmática, 2022. MON - Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, PR.

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